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Luisa Zissman,  from

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"Dear Kirsty,

Just an email to thank you for everything you have done for me. I had the BEST birthing experience ever and it's all down to you and the techniques you taught me and the confidence you gave me.

Even up to the day I went into labour I started to wonder if I could really hypnobirth. It all came so naturally and I can hand on heart say It was one of the best experiences of my life. My labour was 5hrs long and I got the labour I exactly wanted, in water with music playing so lovely and relaxed - I was even dozing in between my contractions at 10cm! It was all so easy and natural and I didn't feel pain just a slight pressure which was very manageable. I recommend you and hypnobirthing to every person I meet, I'm not sure why more people don't do it!

The preparation for the birth was so relaxing too listening to the music and practicing techniques with Oliver was lovely. Dixie was back to back but turned during labour just like she should because I just let her and my body do their job, it's strange but Oliver and I had always said we would like her to be born between 4-5pm then our families could come at 7.30ish and we could leave the next morning and it all went so according to plan it's unbelievable really.

In you I have found a new friend, the whole experience of having your support during my pregnancy was fantastic. You were professional yet friendly and could answer all my questions and worries putting my mind at ease. I wish you every success in the future and hope you can make many many more ladies have such wonderful experiences as I had.

Keep up the good work.

Lots of Love,

Lu, Oli and baby Dixie XX "

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"I was like most people, very sceptical about HypnoBirthing until I started my course with Kirsty. However, as soon as I started, I realised how amazingly interesting it was and changed the way I percieved birthing forever!

It is amazing what you can train the mind to do and thanks to Kirsty making me believe in myself, I did it. My birthing experience was truly memorable to me and an experience I will treasure forever. In my opinion everyone should follow the route of HypnoBirthing!"


- Laura, Mum to baby Raffy!


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"I cant thank you enough for all your hard work and understanding, getting me through the best experience of my life.

I was terrified by the thought of giving birth and at one point stupidly hoped for a caeserean, but after undergoing our hypnobirthing sessions I really started to understand how my body would easily deal with giving birth and just how it works in labour. On my birthing day when I look back, I am now shocked at how my body just took control nice and easily. When I arrived at the hospital, I was already 8-9cm dilated and up until then had felt no real pain, in fact before I left for the hospital I was busy putting makeup on and cleaned the kitchen, thinking I would be sent back from the hospital.

I look back on my labour with a fond memory, in my birthing pool with the lights dimmed and my rainbow relaxation playing. Also I cant stress enough how amazing my husband was throughout the labour which I couldn't have dealt with so well without him and to which I give all credit to having our hypnobirthing sessions. It really helped him to stay calm and also understand the importance of keeping me relaxed and the impact that would have on my body. His calming presence and massaging helped me through.

We are all three, doing well and happy. Baby Yasmin is perfect."


- Bushra, Mum to baby Yasmin!

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"Kirsty was a fantastic help in the build up to the birth of our second baby, the Hypnobirthing sessions were great with alot of energy. This helped me and provided me with less fear and confidence going into the birth.Kirsty was down to earth and was very supportive, we could even give Kirsty a call after the sessions had finished.I would recommend Kirsty to friends who are interested in HypnoBirthing"


- Katie, Mum to baby Beau!

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"Kirsty's Hypnobirthing course provided me with an alternative to the images of painful labours with lots of screaming and swearing that I had seen elsewhere. It gave me the confidence to have a calm birthing experience where I was able to just breath through the contractions. Despite the fact this was my first baby I was able to remain in control and calm throughout my labour and eventually delivered my son after 11 hours with no pain relief necessary. I would recommend the course, book and relaxation techniques as they really do provide an alternative option even if you don't follow them to the letter (as I admit I didn't!)."


- Daisy, Mum to baby Zac!


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"My HypnoBirthing® experience was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes, and found I could use the relaxation techniques in various situations just to stay calm.

My husband was sceptical about the hypnobirthing approach, not believing it would work at all. Well! I had an amazing birth! I am not a straightforward patient, with various medical considerations, not least a bicornuate uterus but things went totally to plan (I wanted totally natural, drug free labour), apart from being a little bit early (Waters broke spontaneously at 36+3), the labour was very smooth, progressing quickly and effectively. I was calm and relaxed, allowing my body to labour naturally, unimpeded by stress or by me "clenching" my body.I was in a deep state of relaxation for at least half of the labour. When my body was ready to birth the baby, I informed the medical staff, and proceeded to deliver my baby girl. I was in control, I was not pushing when told by the medical professionals, my body naturally knew what to do, and when. My labour was completely drug free, and the midwife had pretty much nothing to do. My body did it all naturally, without effort, and I am sure it is due to me being so calm and relaxed, no stress and certainly not at all tense.Baby had an APGAR score of 10! I was not even tired after the birth, nor was I in lots of pain during or after. My husband is now too a firm believer in hypnobirthing and we have recommended it to our friends!!

I would seriously recommend Kirsty, she is a wonderful, warm, open, honest and calm lady, and I will be back. Thank you Kirsty!"


- Michelle, Mum to baby Caitlin.

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